Have the Biggest Players Dropped the Ball on AV Protection?

Just in case you don’t have enough to worry about already today …

The latest anti-virus test figures for Windows 7 are out and there are a good few shocks to be seen in the results.

In the tests performed by AVTest, BitDefender has leapt from ninth place since last year to 1st place in the chart.  Bullguard follows it closely having leapt even further all the way up from 13th place.

The top players from last time are now suddenly all doing very badly.  AVG, the former winner, drops to sixth place, G Data, in second place last time drops to seventh and Panda, which came third last time around now sits in 8th place.  Even those stalwarts of anti-virus Symantec have dropped a place from fourth to fifth.

Perhaps the biggest shockers though come from Microsoft Security Essentials, which has dropped ten places from 11th to 21st and McAffee (which has been experiencing other problems too) which is down even further from 7th place to 18th.

Clearly this demonstrates that the smaller companies have raised their game in the last year, but it could also indicate that the major players have become complacent. Let’s not forget that Microsoft’s scanning engine is the same one used in the award-winning Forefront anti-malware package for Windows Server and corporate systems.

How their product will now be viewed in the home and corporate marketplaces is in doubt, despite the company working very hard to shed the shackles of it’s awful OneCare anti-virus package for home users.  McAfee’s already battered reputation could take another hammering from these results too.

You can find the full results online here where you will be able to see where your own anti-virus package sits in the chart. It should be noted that this is only one test and there are other independent and recognised ranking systems that may rank anti-virus packages differently.

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