How to Import RSS Feeds into Opera

This is exactly the sort of thing that Opera needs; a feature that some other browsers don’t have yet …

I’m currently testing new RSS feed readers, and one of the programs that I have been looking at is the RSS reader in Opera, or more precisely in Opera’s Mail module. RSS Feeds have been supported for quite some time in Opera.

Depending on how you use Opera, you may have troubles figuring out how to add feeds and import a feed list. The process is actually not as complicated as it may look on first glance, especially if you know what you need to do.

You can add individual feeds directly by clicking on the feed icon in Opera’s address bar when you are on that page. Feeds are automatically added to the Opera Mail module and you can read them in the browser.

If you search for “import RSS feeds Opera” you find some pages with tips. Most recommend an opml to Opera RSS converter, an external script that converts the RSS feed list into an Opera compatible format.

This is no longer necessary. Opera includes everything that you need to import your feed list, and here is how you do that.

Click on the Menu button at the top left of the browser screen. Locate Settings in the context menu, and then the Import and Export menu.

opera rss feed import

This opens a file browser. All you need to do know is to load an opml file into the browser. All feeds are then processed by Opera and added under Feeds in the Mail module.

For those that do not know, an opml file is basically a text file that contains exported feed information. You can usually create those files in your feed reader of choice under Export. Most feed readers like Google Reader or RSSOwl support this.

The feed reader in Opera is basic and resembles an email client as much as it does a feed reader. It is good for reading a handful of feeds but it does not offer enough controls to manage and read hundreds of feeds.

What’s missing? Filters, preferences (is there a way to change the feed update frequency?), an option to auto-hide or -delete read feeds and a lot more.

The core benefit is there for Opera users who use the web browser as their main browser. They do not need to run an additional program or online service to read feeds, which may outweigh the lack of features in the RSS reader.

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