JDChrome – Google Chrome JDownloader Integration

If you use Chrome to download stuff from Rapidshare and other file sharing sites, you might find this interesting …

JDownloader is one of the most popular programs to download files from file hosting services like Rapidshare, Megaupload or Filesonic. It offers several advantages over downloading files directly from the file host’s website. Among the advantages are a download queue, comfortable integration of premium accounts, link verifications and the option to unpack downloaded files right away on the local system.

The program can monitor the Windows Clipboard for file hosting links to automatically suggest them in its Linkgrabber module. While that’s handy for sending individual file links to the downloader, it turns out to be everything but comfortable if multiple links need to be added to JDownloader, especially if those links are not displayed fully on the website.

JDChrome is an extension for the Chrome browser that integrates JDownloader into the browser. The extension adds a JDChrome entry to the Chrome right-click context menu when links are selected.

jdownloader google chrome

The context menu offers two options:

  • Add to Queue – This adds all files on selected links directly to the download manager queue of JDownloader.
  • Add to Grabber – This adds the links to the Linkgrabber module where they are checked but not directly processed.

You can send single links or multiple links to JDownloader. For multiple links you need to highlight all links first before you can send them to the program. Individual links are send directly with a right-click on the file hosting link.

The extension loads a page with settings after installation. The very same page becomes available from the Wrench > Tools > Extensions menu.

It offers some configuration option, among them a hotkey that can be pressed to send links to JDownloader and a double-click feature to do the same.

Both options and the context menu integration can be disabled or enabled on the settings page. Here it is also possible to select to start downloads right away instead of sending them to the Linkgrabber first. Autostart is enabled by default for double-clicking links and using the hotkey do send links over.

Google Chrome users can install JDChrome from the official Chrome Web Store.

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