Sichtschutz – Screen Protection for Your Windows Desktop

This seems like an updated version of the old TBIC key … but I thought that internet filtering and URL logging on corporate networks pretty much made that concept obsolete?

Sometimes you may want to hide what is showing on your desktop, for instance if you notice that someone is going to walk by or approach you in office. You probably would not like your boss to find out that you are playing games during work hours, or your wife that you are shopping at the expensive jewelry store for a gift for her upcoming birthday.

While simply turning off the monitor hides the contents of the desktop, it is at the same time a dead giveaway that you are hiding something.

The portable application Sichtschutz offers an alternative. Sichtschutz, which means screen protection in this context, offers boss-key like functionality. It can quickly display an image on the screen that overshadows the actual computer desktop with its open windows and programs.


You need to select an image from your local system on first start. You can alternatively press the print key on the keyboard to use a snapshot of the desktop as the image that is shown when the program is activated.

This can be handy as it makes the screen look like the standard desktop when in fact it may be not. Just take a screenshot with programs open that do not cause suspicion.

The configuration menu lists additional settings to set the image alignment to stretch, center or tile, to mute sounds and to automatically log off when the screen protection is triggered.

A click on Start hides the program from the taskbar and system tray, and enables the triggers to display or remove the screen protection.

The default key to trigger the protection is F12, the key to return to the previous state is F11.

The only indication that Sichtschutz is running is the process which is visible in the task manager.

Sichtschutz is fully compatible with dual-monitor systems. You can download the portable software from the developer homepage. The program requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

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