Ultimate Taskbar Controller for Windows

I don’t know what to think about this one; on one hand, third party add-ons for Windows always make me nervous … but on the other hand, I do have my gripes with the layout of the standard Windows taskbar.

You cannot make many changes to the Windows taskbar. Sure, you can move it around to place on another edge of the screen. You can also add some items to it and remove some others, but controls are still very limited, even in Windows 7 which offers more taskbar options than any other Windows operating system.

Ultimate Taskbar Controller is a free tool for Windows that can change the appearance of the Windows taskbar in several ways. One of its core features is the ability to remove entries from the Windows taskbar. The following elements can be removed with the help of the program:

  • Remove Taskbar – Removes the complete taskbar
  • Remove Clock – Removes the system clock from the taskbar
  • Remove Taskbar Buttons – Removes the system tray area from the taskbar, including the clock and the system tray icons.
  • Remove Notification Area – Removes Windows notifications from the system.
  • Remove Clock Forever – Does not seem to have an effect
  • Remove Volume icon from tray – Removes the sound volume icon from the system tray.
  • Remove Network icon from tray – Removes the network connections icon from the system tray.

Changes that you make in the program window are usually shown in realtime on the taskbar. You can click on the Refresh Taskbar option in the program window to refresh it if it is not the case. If the change is still not showing up you may need to log off and on again to see it.

ultimate taskbar controller

Ultimate Taskbar Controller lists several additional features that some users may find useful. The problem here is that they are not explained at all which sometimes makes it difficulty to discover their purpose. This is true for the entries “Integrate to desktop context menu”, “Make Space between Vol. and Clock” and my personal favorite “Something New”.

Only the options to use another clock and to collapse the taskbar make sense in this regard. Use another clock replaces the standard system clock with another clock that displays only the time and not the date in the taskbar. The clock itself looks out of place.

Collapse Taskbar on the other hand moves the system tray area to the left on the taskbar right next to the start orb. All open programs are not displayed anymore on the screen and it is not clear why someone would want this to happen.

The program can be helpful if you want to remove specific items from the taskbar. The errors and problems on the other hand suggest that it may need an update to fix those issues.

Ultimate Taskbar Controller is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Interested users can download the program from the developer website.

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