Unfriend Finder – Find Out Who has Removed You from Their Friendlist on Facebook

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Friends on the social networking site Facebook are not necessarily only people that you know. It is actually very easy to befriend someone on Facebook, and almost as easy to unfriend them again. Unfriend in this context means to remove the person from the friendlist on Facebook.

Some Facebook users may want to know if one of their friends has removed them from the friendlist. Usually do remove that friend as well, or to contact that friend to get an understanding of why they were removed from the list.

Facebook itself has no option to display those information. All you can do is to try and access Facebook profiles and their friendlist to see if you are no longer listed as a friend.

The userscript Unfriend Finder is a third party tool that informs you if someone has removed you from their friendlist on Facebook. It furthermore notifies you if someone has declined your friend request and if a friend has deactivated their account on Facebook.

Unfriend Finder is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. It is offered as a userscript that you can either install directly, or after you have installed an extension that adds userscript compatibility.

unfriend finder

The userscript adds an Unfriends menu entry to your Facebook sidebar menu, an Unfriends link to the top right menu and an icon next to Facebook chat at the bottom. some of these menus can be removed from Facebook in the program settings. A click on the menu on the right displays all Facebook users who have unfriended you since the installation of the userscript. It is unfortunately not possible to access a history.

Three subgroups are listed beneath the menu. They display Pending friend requests that have not been accepted yet, Settings and Messages.

Options to remove connections, cancel everything or to hide the information are provided by the program.

You can configure notifications and information under settings. Here it is for instance possible to disable some notifications that you are not interested in, for instance if a friend has deactivated or reactivated their profile on Facebook.

removed friend

You receive notifications whenever you are removed from a Facebook’s friendlist. These notifications use Facebook’s own notification system. Updates are posted in realtime.

friendlist removed

The integration into Facebook is well done and unobtrusive. All you need to do is to run the script whenever you are on Facebook. Facebook Unfriend Finder takes care of the rest.

But how is the script working its magic? It basically compares your friendlist regularly to see if there are any changes to it. Facebook users who have been on your friendlist but are missing at a later check are added to the unfriend list.

Facebook users who like to keep taps on their friends on the social networking site should consider installing Unfriend Finder, it does not get any better than this.

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