WhatIsHang Tells You Why a Windows Program is Not Responding

In my case, I’m not sure if it would actually help me to know why a program isn’t responding, but it sure would answer a few questions just for the sake of curiosity.

Software may hang or freeze occasionally on a system. Sometimes it is hard to tell why it hangs, while it is more or less obvious at other times. Say you are currently rendering a video which taxes your cpu, memory and hard drive. If you now launch other applications on the system, it may happen that they hang or freeze. This can happen because they cannot read data fast enough from the hard drive, or do not have enough cpu cycles or ram available.

Sometimes however you may be left in bewilderment why a specific application hangs. If it freezes regularly you may want to analyze the situation to find out why that’s the case, in hope of finding a way to resolve the situation.

WhatIsHang is a new Nirsoft software that tells you why a program is not responding in Windows.

whatishang software not responding

The portable software tries to detect software and processes that are currently not responding. Information about those applications are then displayed in the program interface.

Here you see the process name and window title of the application, the process ID and thread ID as well as the full path to the program executable.

The report created by the program may reveal information why the application is not responding. In the case of Notepad, it suggests that it may have something to do with a remote network file that may have caused the freeze of the program window.

You may notice that most of the information displayed is intended for tech savvy users. Some information, like file names or strings can however be used in searches to investigate the cause of the hang. Combining those names and strings with a search on the Internet may lead to possible fixes or explanations for the hang. Plus, you may be able to copy and paste the information into a forum or email to ask a proficient user about it.

WhatIsHang is another excellent Nirsoft application that should be part of everyone’s tech tool collection. The program is compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system starting with Windows 2000.

Downloads are provided at the official Nirsoft website. The project web page offers some instructions on how to interpret the reports of the program, a good starting point for all users who intend to use the application.

A remark. WhatIsHang needs to be started on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the server variants with elevated privileges if the active user account is having system or administrative privileges. Otherwise, no hanging applications will be detected.

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