Why is a Stronge Warranty Such an Imporant Feature for Serial Switch Products?

When selecting a serial switch for an out of band management application, there are many different features that network administrators typically look for. Some administrators need a serial switch with more alarm and notification features, other administrators are looking for a serial switch with plenty of security features and still other administrators are looking for a serial switch with data buffering capabilities. But there’s one important feature that should be of interest to all network administrators who need the out of band access capabilities provided by a serial switch; a strong, long-term warranty.

Warranty terms might seem like a minor consideration when choosing an out of band management solution, but in addition to providing peace of mind, the strength and duration of a warranty is usually a pretty good indication of how confident a manufacturer is of the quality and potential longevity of the warrantied product. Warranty repairs are often expensive to the manufacturer, and the last thing that a manufacturer wants to do is spend a lot of money repairing low quality serial switches that are not worthy of a lengthy warranty. When you look at a serial switch that includes a short term, limited warranty you’re often looking at a pretty good indication that the manufacturer is afraid that they’re going to run up a lot of expenses supporting a sub-par product.

If you consider the importance of a serial switch in an out of band management application, and the often semi-inaccessible locations of many remote network equipment sites, the value of a reliable, well-built serial switch product quickly becomes more apparent. A serial switch is supposed to provide a means to take care of problems at remote network sites, rather than adding one more potential problem to deal with at the remote site. In remote network equipment site applications, a cheap, unreliable serial switch can often result in greater expenses due to service calls and truck rolls than you would have spent if you’d just bought a slightly more expensive, yet more reliable serial switch product.

In addition to serial switch features that serve the needs of your out of band management application, a well-designed, well-built serial switch should also provide administrators with a sense of confidence that they can rely on that serial switch when a problem arises at a remote site. If a manufacturer isn’t confident enough in their serial switch product to include an adequate, long-term warranty, then how can a network administrator feel confident that the serial switch will provide them with the reliable out of band access capabilities that they need in order to quickly deal with problems at remote network equipment sites? Generally speaking, the longer and stronger the warranty, the more confident the manufacturer is in the quality of that serial switch and the more sure they are that they won’t have to spend a lot of time and money repairing the serial switch in the future.

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