WTI Serial Console Servers Provide the Perfect Fit for Both RJ45 and DB9 Format Network Equipment

The task of adding a serial console server to an older/existing network equipment site can often be more challenging than adding a serial console server to a newer network equipment site. The reason for this is simple; most newer serial console server products feature RJ45 serial ports, while most older network equipment relies on DB9 serial ports. That’s why WTI serial console server products are available with either DB9 serial ports or RJ45 serial ports to simplify the process of adding out of band management capabilities to existing/older network equipment sites.

Although it is entirely possible to install an RJ45 serial console server in a DB9 environment, it usually requires either an array of adapters to convert each RJ45 serial port for compatibility with existing DB9 serial ports, or in some cases, possibly even replacing all serial cables that connect the serial console server to each managed network device. WTI serial console server product offer a much simpler solution, completely eliminating the need for recabling or adapters by providing an out of band management solution that’s already compatible with DB9 based network equipment.

Of course, WTI serial console server products are also available in RJ45 format to comply with the needs of newer network devices, but we’ve found that there is a continuing demand for serial console server solutions that are compatible with the older DB9 format. The same convenient features and capabilities are available on both our RJ45 format and DB9 format serial console server products, so there’s no need to do without the modern security, authentication, monitoring and alarm functions that customers expect to find on newer serial console servers.

WTI serial console servers provide the perfect solution for network engineers who need to add out of band management capabilities to older network equipment installations and also simplify the process of changing out older, DB9 based serial console servers in order to take advantage of the wide range of features found on modern serial console servers. With WTI serial console servers, there’s no need to rip out existing cables or fumble with adapters when adding out of band access capabilities to exiting DB9 based network applications.

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