A Lost Communication Alarm Allows a Server Console Switch to Report Unresponsive Network Devices

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell when a device at a remote network equipment site ceases to respond to communication. In cases of remote network equipment, it’s often difficult to determine if a device has hung or frozen until somebody needs to use it … and then it’s often too late. One convenient way to keep track of device status at remote sites, is to choose a server console switch (http://www.wti.com/c-44-server-console-switch.aspx) that includes a lost communication alarm.

Typically, a server console switch with a lost communication alarm feature checks for malfunctions at the remote site by monitoring a “heartbeat” signal, generated by a compatible attached device. If the heartbeat signal stops, the server console switch can then generate an alarm to notify appropriate IT personnel via text message, email, SNMP trap or SYSLOG message. This allows quick response when devices at remote network equipment sites become unresponsive.

In some cases, the lost communication alarm also includes an option to send notification to several different personnel in the event that the primary contact is unavailable. Some server console switch products also feature the ability to send a second “all clear” notice if the lost communication alarm determines that the heartbeat signal from the target device has resumed again. This feature can be particularly useful in cases where a target device has recovered from some sort of communication problem after initial alarm notification, because it helps to minimize unnecessary service calls in cases where the attached device has recovered on its own.

A server console switch can be an extremely useful tool for remote network equipment management. In addition to providing out of band access to console ports on remote devices, the server console switch can also provide network administrators with a more accurate picture of what may be going on at a remote equipment site, without the requirement for on-site personnel or expensive service calls. A lost communication alarm is just one of many convenient server console switch features that network administrators can use to keep tabs on remote equipment, eliminating many worries about conditions at remote sites, and helping to maximize up-time and minimize service expenses.

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