Google Chrome Stable Updated to 12

Here’s yet another Chrome update. Google sure has covered a lot of ground over the last year, update-wise …

Google has updated the stable channel of the Google Chrome web browser. The Chrome browser is now at version 12.0.742.91 on the stable channel. The new release combines security fixes, other updates and even a few new features that have been added to that version that have previously only been available on the other channels.

Lets take a look at the feature updates and additions first. Chrome Stable now supports 3D CS and launching apps from the Chrome address bar by simply typing in their name. Apps are web apps that are installed at the Chrome web store.

Probably more interesting than those two features is the ability to delete Flash cookies directly from within the browser, by clearing the browsing history. This was previously not possible and improves the privacy of the user significantly.

Another new security related feature is the new safe browsing protection that protects the user better from downloading malicious files.

The data synchronization service Google Sync is now integrated into the Chrome settings page, which users can access by clicking on the wrench icon and selecting options from the context menu.

  • [73962] [79746] High CVE-2011-1808: Use-after-free due to integer issues in float handling.
  • [75496] Medium CVE-2011-1809: Use-after-free in accessibility support.
  • [75643] Low CVE-2011-1810: Visit history information leak in CSS.
  • [76034] Low CVE-2011-1811: Browser crash with lots of form submissions.
  • [77026] Medium CVE-2011-1812: Extensions permission bypass.
  • [78516] High CVE-2011-1813: Stale pointer in extension framework.
  • [79362] Medium CVE-2011-1814: Read from uninitialized pointer.
  • [79862] Low CVE-2011-1815: Extension script injection into new tab page.
  • [80358] Medium CVE-2011-1816: Use-after-free in developer tools.
  • [81916] Medium CVE-2011-1817: Browser memory corruption in history deletion.
  • [81949] High CVE-2011-1818: Use-after-free in image loader.
  • [83010] Medium CVE-2011-1819: Extension injection into chrome:// pages.
  • [83275] High CVE-2011-2332: Same origin bypass in v8.
  • [83743] High CVE-2011-2342: Same origin bypass in DOM.

All information about the stable channel update is available over at the Chrome blog. Chrome should already pick up the new release. New users can download Chrome 12 from the official Chrome project website.

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