The Automatic Transfer Switch – Power Fallback for Single Inlet Network Devices

In data center operations, power fallback and power redundancy are frequently used to ensure that critical network services will always be available; even when your primary power source is not available. Although power fallback and redundancy solutions provide a valuable means to ensure continuous access to important network functions, the costs of replacing existing single power inlet network devices are often prohibitively high, especially in this era of shrinking budgets and cost cutting. In cases like this, an automatic transfer switch provides an ideal solution for applications that require power fallback capabilities, but lack the budget required to buy all new, dual power inlet devices.

The basic principle behind an automatic transfer switch is fairly simple. The automatic transfer switch includes two power inlets for connection to a primary and secondary power supply and an assortment of power outlets for connection to single inlet network devices. Once installed, the automatic transfer switch constantly monitors power conditions; in the event that a problem is detected with the primary power supply, the automatic transfer switch will immediately switch over to the secondary power supply, providing seamless, uninterrupted power to the connected single inlet network devices.

In addition to switching from primary to secondary power during a power emergency, many automatic transfer switches also include the ability to switch back to the primary power supply when and if the primary power supply appears to recover.

In order to allow the automatic transfer switch to support several single inlet network devices, multiple power outlets are usually provided. Some products also feature two or more different types of power outlets in order to support the needs of a wider assortment of network equipment. For example, an automatic transfer switch might include both IEC C13 and IEC C19 format power outlets in order to support both high low amperage devices and higher amperage devices.

If you’re faced with the challenge of adding power redundancy and fallback capabilities to a network application that includes single power inlet devices, there’s no need to toss all of those existing single inlet devices. An automatic transfer switch provides a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to add power fallback and redundancy capabilities to single power inlet devices.

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