Tips to Master Google Chrome

Here are a couple of simple-yet-useful pointers that might come in handy for new users of Google Chrome …

Google Chrome is one of the leading web browsers and it has become increasingly popular with tech savvy folks as well as those who aren’t quite as tech savvy. The simplicity, usability and technicality make it one of the best browsers. Google Chrome is compatible with almost all the Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac or Linux. Google Chrome, though very simple to use, has a lot of features which are unknown and untested by many users. These features can enhance the usability of the browser and provide you with greater efficiency when browsing the web. Following are a few tips which can be used to enhance the performance of the Chrome web browser.

The Incognito mode

google chrome incognito

The incognito mode can be used as a stealth mode in effect. It turns off the browser tracking and does not allow the tracking of the web pages being browsed or the files that were downloaded to the user memory during a particular browsing session. The feature also automatically deletes the cookies and all the other temporary files which are related to the browsing session on Google Chrome. This provides an increased and improved level of privacy for highly sensitive and secured browsing such as processing online banking services, payment procedures and using various access credentials for starting up various web based applications.

Various methods to start Incognito:

Method 1: For using Incognito temporarily for a particular browsing session on a particular tab window.

Ctrl+Shift+N is a keyboard shortcut to initiate a new Chrome Window in Incognito mode. A Google Chrome web browser can be launched in Incognito mode directly from the taskbar in Windows by simply right clicking and selecting the option of “Open link in Incognito Window”. This will initiate the Incognito mode temporarily for a particular browsing session in a particular window tab where it is necessary for the information to be kept private and clear of tracking.

Method 2: For using Incognito continuously for different sessions at regular intervals.

In this method the browser is set in Incognito mode by default, and every time the browser is launched from a desktop shortcut it opens in Incognito mode. First right click the Google Chrome shortcut icon on the desktop and select properties. In the target field type “–incognito” (space dash incognito without quotes) at the end of the line and then click on the OK button. Once this procedure is complete, Google Chrome will be launched in Incognito mode every time the Chrome browser is opened through the shortcut.

Google Chrome Instant

google instant

The Google Chrome Instant feature is an instant search tool feature which allows the browser to show dynamically updated webpages and search results instantly while the information is typed in the address bar of the browser, even before hitting the enter button. It is a smart search which gets dynamically updated as more information is typed in the address bar, until the desired results are found.

Enabling Instant:

enable instant google chrome

Click on the wrench icon and select Options for Windows, preferences for Mac and Linux and Settings on Chrome OS. Now click the basics tab, and check the box next to “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing”.
Chrome Instant may not work due to inadequate connection speed of the internet services or during certain inappropriate searches, when the instant feature is not triggered to show the search results instantly. Instant does not work in Incognito mode.

Do you think that these tips will help you? And are you likely to use them?

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