Unlock Reddit’s Full Potential Through Chrome Add-Ons and Extensions

Reddit users might want to check out these Chrome add-ons and extensions …

Thousands of internet users have discovered the joys of Reddit, a web portal that provides users with access to images, underground news and the latest memes through a simple and seemingly pre-2000 interface. While the website has been flooded by new users in recent months, long-time users have been developing add-ons and accessories that make browsing even easier. If you love Reddit and want to make your experience even better, the following applications might be for you.

Unlocking Reddit’s full potential is possible through a handful of Chrome applications and extensions and the addition of the Reddit Enhancement Suite, a combination that brings aspects of the website to everyday browsing on any webpage while opening up more information on the website itself. This how-to will walk you through each of these additions, explaining how to install and utilize each.

First, you may want to streamline the image viewing experience that is the sole attractor for so many Redditors. This can be done quickly and easily with “Reddit Pictures,” a fefoo photo viewer that can be added as a Chrome add-on. To try it out, download it here and immediately gain access to a single-page viewer of all the top images on r/pics. The button will appear on your add-on page, or you can snap it straight to your favorites bar. By clicking the button, you are taken to a viewer that piles picture upon picture on top of one another for easy, “next” button free browsing. You can even check out other subreddits by choosing them from a toolbar along the top of the page.


Next, consider unlocking more information on Reddit itself through Reddit Reveal. This all out extension reveals things like up and down vote scores on posts and comments, user account ages, and similar information – all simply by mousing over hyperlinks that already exist on the Reddit interface. To get started, return to the Chrome store and search for “Reddit Reveal” or simply follow this link to download it directly. After the automatic install visit Reddit and enjoy statistics about voting statistics and user information, all from frontpage.

reddit extension

Finally, dedicated Reddit users should look into the Reddit Enhancement Suite if they have not already installed it. This set of add-ons, available for Chrome as well as Firefox, Safari, and Opera, unlocks dozens of features to increase your Reddit browsing experience through custom keyboard navigation, account switchers, and style tweaks that make surfing Reddit even better. To download, go to the add-on’s webpage, found here, and download the version specific to your browser. Visit Reddit one last time and you should be greeted by new features set as defaults by the Reddit Enhancement Suite. To change things around, turn options off or customize the setup, simply click [RES] at the top right of the Reddit page itself.

reddit add-on

With Reddit Pictures, Reddit Reveal, and the full Reddit Enhancement Suite installed in your browser you are ready to enjoy full access to the website in ways few Redditors can. Surf memes, catch trolls and lolface away – with style!

Userscripts are a second source for enhancements, here is a short list of scripts that might prove useful when visiting Reddit.

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