Download Helper Alternative for Firefox Dev Builds

If you’re having problems with the Firefox Download Helper, here’s a work-around …

The popular Firefox download extension Download Helper is not working in my build of Firefox. I’m running the Aurora channel which is currently showing up as Firefox 7.02a. I can install the extension just fine but do not get any menus or options to download video files from supported websites. That’s a shame considering that I have been using the extension in the past years for all my Flash video downloading needs.

Now, I’m not sure if this is a problem on my side, or an incompatibility of the extension with Firefox Aurora, and other Firefox development builds. Cannot test it. What I can do is to post an alternative for users who are experiencing the same issues with Download Helper.

I tried several download add-ons for Firefox and found the extension Flash Video Downloader to be working on many sites. The extension does not come with a build-in sitelist that you can use to find new video sites. The core downloading functionality on the other hand is similar.

The extension indicates downloadable media on a website with a change of the add-on icon that is located in the status bar of the browser by default.

A click on the button opens the download window where the video to download can be selected. Handy if multiple videos are located on a page.

download videos with flashvideodownloader

A download button is placed next to each video in the download window. You can click it to send the video download to the Firefox download manager. The very same page offers to download all listed videos which sends all of them to the download manager instead.

There is a popup at the top which can be used to switch to previously accessed pages and the videos that they contained to download those as well.

The convert this video button leads to the company website that is offering a free video converter for download. A click on the status bar button on some sites redirects the user to a website where the videos can be downloaded. This is for instance the case on Gametrailers.

A right-click on the program icon opens a menu with links to tools and settings. Settings are used to make interface changes, for instance to define where the button appears in Firefox. You can also configure the download folder here and the hotkey.

Flash Video Downloader works on many popular sites. I have tested a good dozen of them including YouTube, Gametrailers and Facebook. Firefox users can download and install Flash Video Downloader from the official Mozilla Add-On repository.

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