A Power Redundancy Solution doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Without proper planning, the task of adding power redundancy and power fallback capabilities to an existing network equipment site can be both complicated and costly. In order to add a power redundancy solution to an existing network installation, network administrators and engineers will often resort to replacing older, single-power-inlet devices with brand new dual inlet devices. This can often run into tens of thousands of dollars in equipment costs, plus additional time spent reconfiguring other network devices for compatibility with new dual inlet devices. But adding power redundancy to an existing network application doesn’t have to be expensive and inconvenient; not if you use a transfer switch to provide power redundancy to existing single inlet devices.

A transfer switch can provide an economical solution for implementing power redundancy capabilities to existing network equipment sites by adding power fallback capabilities to existing single power inlet devices; effectively eliminating the need to replace those single inlet devices with new dual inlet devices and then reconfiguring your application for compatibility with the new dual inlet devices. A transfer switch is essentially an automatic fallback switch, which allows single inlet devices to be connected to two separate power supplies, and then automatically switches between the two power supplies if one power supply becomes unstable.

Installation of the transfer switch is incredibly simple; all you do is connect the transfer switch to a primary power supply and a secondary power supply, connect your single power inlet devices to the outlets on the transfer switch and you’re finished; there’s no need to configure the transfer switch, or reconfigure devices for compatibility with new dual outlet devices. A high quality transfer switch is also a lot less expensive than many brand new dual-power-inlet network elements, usually allowing budget-conscious network administrators to implement power fallback and redundancy solutions for a fraction of the cost of replacing single inlet devices with new dual inlet devices.

Transfer switches are also capable of providing extremely fast switchover times. A high quality transfer switch should be able to automatically switch from your primary power source to back up power source in as little as eight to twelve microseconds; fast enough that the switchover is generally unnoticed by both users and equipment.

Power redundancy and power fallback are both extremely important elements for any mission critical network application that requires 24 hour availability and access. Don’t let the cost and hassles of replacing existing single inlet devices stand between your network application and a reliable power redundancy solution; a transfer switch allows you to keep using single inlet devices, while implementing an fast, effective power fallback solution for your critical network applications.

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