A Remote Control Power Switch Provides a Better Way to Manage Power

In many cases, a simple power reboot is all it takes to get an unresponsive server or router back up and running again. Sometimes though, the very location of the problematic server or router means that a “simple power reboot” isn’t all that simple anymore; when a malfunctioning network element is located at an off-site data center or a remote equipment rack, then even the relatively basic task of cycling power on and off suddenly becomes a bit more of a challenge.

Most network budgets just don’t have enough fat in them to cover the cost of maintaining onsite personnel at a distant data center or remote equipment rack, and it’s also a waste of both time and money to send out a service team on a long trip every time you need to reboot a remote network device at an off-site location. In cases like this, a remote control power switch provides the perfect solution for managing power reboot and switching functions at far-away network equipment installation sites.

When a remote control power switch is installed at an off-site data center or remote equipment rack, network administrators and tech support personnel can easily reboot remote devices by simply logging into the secure remote control power switch and keying in a simple command or clicking on a button in a web menu; target devices are reboot immediately, without the cost of a service call or the long wait while service techs are en route to the remote equipment site.

In addition to providing an effective and economical means to reboot remote network elements, a full-featured remote control power switch can also be used to schedule power switching operations in order to shut off specific devices during periods of the day or week when they are not generally used. Many high-end remote power control switch products also include monitoring and alarm features that enable the remote control power switch to activate cooling systems when temperatures rise above user-defined thresholds, shut off non-essential devices when current consumption rises too high, and alert administrators when other user-specified conditions are detected.

Some high quality remote power control switch products also include the ability to create log records of temperature trends, current consumption history, user activity and other factors. This ability to log events at the remote network equipment site often proves extremely valuable in the aftermath of a network disruption, in that the logs allow administrator to more closely examine factors that may have contributed to the outage.

If you’re saddled with the responsibility of managing vital network devices at remote installation sites, a well-designed and intelligently deployed remote power control switch can save you both time and money and also increase the reliability of the network elements that you manage. When a remote control power switch is installed at your off-site data center or remote equipment rack, there’s no need to deplete your budget every time you need to perform a simple power reboot, and no need to put up with unacceptable network outages while you wait for a service team to travel to a faraway network equipment rack. A remote control power switch not only saves time and money, but it also provides a better way to manage power and resources at remote network installation sites, and helps to provide administrators with a better overall picture of conditions at the remote site.

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