A Server Console Switch with Break Command Blocking Simplifies Communication with Network Devices

Different models of server products will react differently when certain commands and characters are received via serial port. For example, when a serial port on a Sun server receives a break character, the Sun server will generally interpret the break character as a reboot command and will immediately enter a reboot cycle; disrupting communication, interrupting service and causing unnecessary delays while the server completes the reboot cycle. Obviously, this complicates the task of connecting a Sun server to any kind of device that routinely generates break characters along with other data.

One easy way to avoid unrequested reboots caused by misinterpreted break characters, is to make certain to choose a server console switch product that includes the ability to block break characters and prevent them from being passed on to connected devices. In addition to providing out of band access to console port command functions, server console switch units are often used to create serial port connections between various devices in the equipment rack. If the server console switch includes a break character blocking function, this prevents random break characters in data from inadvertently initiating a reboot cycle.

In order to ensure compatibility with Sun server products, a high end server console switch should offer the option to block break characters, as well as any electronic noise that might accidentally be misinterpreted as a break character. When used with a Sun server (or any other device that interprets a break character as a specific command function,) the break command blocking option helps to avoid unnecessary downtime due to unrequested reboots as well as the accidental triggering of any other undesired function that might be initiated when a break character is received.

In most applications, the server console switch provides out of band management capabilities that are most often used to access console port command functions on remote devices when the main network is down. This powerful out of band communication capability can prove extremely valuable in cases where normal network communication is down, in that it allows administrators to communicate with malfunctioning devices via dial-up modem or secondary network in order to change configuration parameters, run diagnostic routines or invoke troubleshooting commands and get the device and network up and running again without a costly, time-consuming service call to the remote site. But as described here, in addition to these valuable out of band management capabilities, some high quality server console switch units can also help to streamline communications with Sun servers and other devices that might react unpredictably when a break character is received. This is just one example of the many powerful capabilities that can be provided by a full featured server console switch, that help to make the network administrators job a little bit easier, reduce network downtime and increase the reliability of your corporate network.

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