How to Go Back Multiple Pages in Firefox

Here’s a handy trick for Firefox users …

It is sometimes the little things that can make a big difference. A friend of mine called me the other day about a problem she had with the Firefox web browser. Her problem was that she could not figure out how to go back multiple pages in Firefox. While she did know that it is possible to go back a single page with the back button placed conveniently on the address bar.

But going back multiple pages is not very comfortable this way, as you would have to click on the back button multiple times to do that. Even worse, if you cannot remember how many pages to go back, you need to stop after each click on the back button to look at the page to find out if it is the one you wanted to re-open.

The History feature is also not really suitable for going back multiple times. First, it takes more clicks to open the menu, and it appears if not all of the previous pages are listed on the page, as it is limited to the last 15 entries.

Thankfully though it is rather easy to go back multiple pages in Firefox. The feature is however not overly obvious to the user. All that’s need to be done is to right-click the back button to see all the pages that have been previously open in the active tab.

firefox go back multi pages

This is actually also working for the forward button in case you need to go forward a few pages. Now, a right-click on the back or forward button lists the last open pages. A left-click on one of the entries loads it in the current tab. A middle-click on an entry launches it in a new blank tab.

Another option is to use the cursor keys on the keyboard to navigate through the history items and the enter key to load them.

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