How to Remove XP Internet Security 2012

It sounds like there’s another one of those “fake security program” viruses going around again … here’s how to get rid of it.

In this post I’m going to tell you how to remove XP Internet Security 2012. If you didn’t know, this is a fake security tool that produces fake pop-ups, and fake scan results, with the sole purpose of intimidating you into buying the software. All the viruses and security issues it finds are simply made up, and you’ll find this software takes over your computer and won’t allow you to do many things until you purchase the software to get rid of all those mythical bugs. You’ll find that it activates in safe mode, and safe mode with networking, and also disables Internet Explorer, making it very hard to remove.

The first program you need is called RogueKiller, which is free to download and run. You can download this by going to your browser and typing Don’t worry if you get some pop-ups generated by the malware when you open IE because it’s been hijacked, just close them until you get to your browser and copy and paste that link in. You’ll find the browser won’t block a direct link. Go ahead and save that file to your desktop. Before you save it however, change the name of the file from RogueKiller to Winlogon. If your browser really isn’t happy because of all the bugs, you can also paste that link into a run window. Go to start and then run, and paste the link. This will again open your browser and you may have to close a few windows before you can save the file.

xp internet security 2012

Run the file on your desktop called Winlogon, and you’ll be presented with a DOS screen with some information and six options. RogueKiller will already have identified the process that is causing the problem, so the option you want is number two, for delete. This deletes the process that is locking up your computer. You’ll see a few screens flash by, and you’ll be presented with a report. You don’t need to view the report, it’s just for information, and so close it and you’ll be back at the desktop.

The next piece of free software you need is called Malwarebytes. You can download this by going to You should find you have the use of your browser back, so go ahead and copy and past this into the address bar of IE and download the software. Again, copy it to your desktop, as this is a logical place to find it easily. Run the installation program and just follow the prompts, as it’s all fairly self-explanatory. When you get to two checkboxes at the end asking if you want to run the program and do an update, leave them checked and click finish. You may be asked if you want to buy the full version of Malwarebytes. At this point just decline and you can continue to use the free version.

Once the update has completed, you can go ahead and do a full scan. It will ask which drives to scan, uncheck everything except the C drive and run the scan. This may take some time, so go and do something else. Once it’s finished though, you can reboot your computer, and with fingers crossed your computer will be back to normal. Now’s a great time to update your antivirus software!!

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