Mozilla Drops Plan to Remove Firefox About Page Version

I’m glad they re-thought this; I don’t think hiding the “About” information would have fooled anybody anyway …

Firefox users are a dedicated bunch. They love their browser and most prefer it to stay the way it is, with the exception of improved performances, web standards support and security updates. I know several Firefox 3.6.x users who stay with that browser version exactly for that reason.

Mozilla recently announced plans to remove the version information from the About Firefox page. Many interpreted this as a way to make Firefox users less aware of the rapid release cycle that speed up the release of new major versions in the browser significantly. The browser this year alone made it all the way from Firefox 3 to Firefox 6 Stable with the likelihood that Firefox 8 Stable will be released by year’s end.

The basic idea here was to remove the version information from the About Firefox page and replace it with information about the update status of the browser (is up to date, is not up to date) and the last time updates were checked.

The version of the browser would still be displayed under Help > Troubleshooting information. The reason for this move was to “aavoid confusion and make sure users always have the most current version of Firefox”. The question here is why Mozilla did not add those information to the About page without removing the version information.

A post on Tuesday by Alex Faaborg on the Mozilla.Dev.Usabilioty newsgroup revealed that Mozilla dropped the plan to remove the version number from the about window.

Just in case this got lost amongst the many threads in progress: there are no plans to adjust the version number. It will remain in its current place in the about window, and we are going to continue with the current numbering scheme.

An attribute of working entirely in the open is that we sometimes create significant confusion as we discuss design work that is in progress. However the bright side is that there is never a shortage of feedback 🙂

There you have it. The version stays where it is already displayed, at least for now.

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