A Good Warranty is Often the Best Indicator of the Quality of a Serial Console Server

In any network application that requires the management of network elements located at remote equipment sites, a good serial console server can provide network administrators with indispensable tools for monitoring and controlling conditions at the remote site without the need for a human presence at the site. The importance of the functions that are provided by a serial console server makes it doubly important that the serial console server will always be up and running and available for use when it’s needed the most.

With this in mind, it pays to make doubly certain that when you choose a serial console server product for an out of band management application, you choose a product that is reliable, well-built and able to provide the functions and capabilities that are required by your specific network application. Since all manufacturers generally assure that their product is the most reliable, it sometimes takes a bit of research to figure out which serial console server product actually stands up to the claims made in the manufacturer’s advertisements and marketing materials.

One factor to consider when choosing a reliable serial console server, is the length of the warranty provided by the serial console server manufacturer. Since the cost of servicing a warranty usually depends on the quality of the product in question, it follows that if the manufacturer has a high level of confidence in the quality of their product, they are more likely to provide a longer warranty than a serial console server manufacturer who knows that their product often needs service. If the serial console server manufacturer either knows from experience that their product is likely to break down, or if the manufacturer is aware of cost-cutting measures that have resulted in the product being more likely to fail, then that manufacturer is more likely to provide a shorter warranty with more limited terms.

Although the average warranty length for most serial console server products is typically about three years, with a little bit of shopping around, it isn’t hard to find that a few manufacturers provide warranties that are up to five years long. Generally speaking, it’s safer to assume that a product with a five year warranty is going to be substantially more reliable than a product that only provides a warranty of three years or less. As said previously, all serial console server manufacturers are ready to praise the reliability of their products, but there are not as many who are willing to back that up with concrete actions, such as providing a longer, more comprehensive warranty than their competition.

When you install a serial console server at a remote network equipment site, your entire reason for doing so is to provide a means to rapidly address problems at the remote site without the need for constant service calls and truck rolls. So the last thing you need is an unreliable, inferior quality serial console server that actually creates more problems than it solves and isn’t available to help you when you need it the most. Although it’s hard to judge the quality of a serial console server by its advertising materials, the length and quality of the serial console server warranty is usually a much more reliable indicator of quality than the claims made by salesmen and marketing materials.

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