A Strong Warranty Can Say a lot about the Quality of a Serial Switch Product

The process of shopping for a serial switch product to serve as an out of band management solution can often be confusing. When you compare the various features and capabilities offered by the many different makes of serial switch products on the market, it’s fairly easy to see that they all offer a wide range of similar features related to out of band access, connectivity, security, event monitoring and alarm functions. It’s not that difficult to find a serial switch product that supports the capabilities needed by your out of band management application, but at first glance, it’s almost impossible to determine which serial switch product offers the highest levels of quality and reliability.

Obviously, all serial switch manufacturers will claim that their product is the best on the market, but that really doesn’t provide much of a guarantee that the quality of the product will live up to what is promised by sales people and advertising campaigns. It’s often said that, “actions speak louder than words,” so rather than looking at the claims made in advertisements, it’s usually more helpful to take a closer look at the actions that the manufacturer takes to back up the promised quality of their product.

One significant factor that usually indicates a quality product, is the strength of the warranty that is provided for that product. In this case, a warranty serves a broader purpose than merely ensuring that the product is covered by a service policy; it also serves as a reliable indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product and often an accurate predictor of whether or not the manufacturer expects the product to provide years of trouble free operation.

Since expensive warranty repairs can cut into a manufacturer’s profit margin, it’s usually safe to assume that if the manufacturer is not willing to offer a strong warranty for the product then they probably aren’t very confident that the product will function reliably in the long run. On the other hand though, if a manufacturer is willing to offer a lengthy comprehensive warranty, this is usually a reliable indicator that the manufacturer is confident that the quality of components, manufacturing and design of the serial switch is high enough to ensure that the product is durable and trouble free and that warranty repairs generated by the product line will not eat into the all important bottom line.

In all out of band management applications, a serial switch serves an extremely important function by providing network administrators with a fast, reliable means to access command functions on remote network elements without the need to travel to the network equipment site in person in order to deal with routine problems and snafus. Given the importance of the serial switch in an out of band management application, it’s clearly crucial to select a high quality serial switch product in order to ensure that the serial switch will be able to perform vital out of band access capabilities when they are needed the most, instead of just creating another maintenance issue at the remote equipment site … as can often be the case with a low quality serial switch. If the manufacturer doesn’t have enough confidence in their serial switch product to offer a strong warranty, then how can the consumer feel confident that the serial switch will function reliably and serve the purpose for which it was intended?

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