Delete Old Extension Preferences in Firefox

I’d tend to stick with the official Firefox Preference Cleaner myself, but regardless, this still looks like a handy trick to help streamline Firefox a bit.

I’m not really sure why extension preferences that are generated during installation are not deleted when the extensions are uninstalled. That’s in my opinion a serious flaw in the browser. Why would someone want to delete those old extension preferences? First to keep the preference file clean and tiny, second to limit privacy implications and third for better manageability.

ECleaner is not the first Firefox extension to delete old extension preferences in the Firefox browser. Firefox Prefs.js Cleaner and Firefox Preferences Cleaner have been two extensions with similar options.

Ncleaner in its current state displays a list of preferences in its interface. The extension tries to sort the preferences by extension or type to make identification as easy as possible.

ecleaner clean firefox preferences

All you need to do now is to identify those preferences that are no longer used in the browser. This can be really easy if you know the names of extensions that you have used in the past, and not so good if you are not sure about a listed extension or preference.

The issue here is that the extension does not check if a parameter is still used by the browser or an extension, or if it has been a preference of an uninstalled extension

The list opens with a click on the Options button in the Firefox add-on listing. This listing can aid the user in the decision making process. I for one would backup the prefs.js file first in the user folder before making any changes, just to be on the safe side here.

It might also be a good idea to only delete those preferences that you are 100% sure about that they have been used by extensions that are no longer installed in the browser.

Firefox users can dwonload eCleaner from the official Mozilla Firefox add-on repository.

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