Repair Internet Connection Issues with Connectivity Fixer

If configuration issues or program conflicts are slowing down your connectivity, this program might be able to help …

As a work from home guy I rely on my Internet connection. If it goes down, I’m cut off from work which could be disastrous, depending on the downtime. I have a backup connection just to make sure that I can always connect, and if everything goes down at once I have yet another backup plan to either work from my parents house or from an Internet cafe.

Sometimes though it is not the Internet connection itself that is causing the connectivity issues. Sometimes it is a configuration on the computer. This can be after installing new network adapter drivers, a Windows update or other software that may interfere with network traffic.

internet connectivity fixer

Connectivity Fixer is a free software for Windows that can fix Internet connection issues automatically. The program can monitor the Internet connection actively, to fix any problem or issue automatically when it is discovered.

The description on the developer website mentions IP and Winsock related issues that are repaired by the software.

Two options are displayed when the software is started. The Fix Now button runs the repair of the Internet connection manually when clicked on. The Monitoring button starts the Internet connection monitoring which will trigger the repair program whenever connectivity issues are discovered.

A click on Settings open the program options. Here it is possible to configure the program to start with Windows, to enable the connection monitoring on program startup and to let the program fix problems automatically without notification (the default is set to notify the user when connectivity issues are discovered).

The program can detect connectivity issues for both wired and wireless Internet connections. Windows users can download the program from the developer website. The software is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system. It requires the Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed on the system. (via)

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