Adobe Releases Flash Player 11, Air 3

I guess this explains why Adobe has been nagging me to download an update every time I restart my PC …

Adobe software today has released the final versions of Adobe Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air 3. Probably the biggest feature of Flash Player 11 is hardware accelerated graphics rendering support through Stage 3D. Adobe states that the new technology improves rendering times by a factor of up to a 1000 times over Flash Player 10. This new rendering speed allows for “console-quality” games on the Flash platform, according to Adobe who published two sample videos that demonstrate the capabilities of the new version of Flash.

You can watch both videos below:

They both certainly look impressive. Another important feature of Flash Player 11 is native 64-bit support which previously was not available at all, if you discount the Flash Player 11 Beta phase that is. The release furthermore offers theater-quality HD video and high quality HD video conferencing.

Flash Online Installation

Users of supported operating systems and browsers can install Flash online from Adobe’s website. This installer should work for everyone except Chrome users who are automatically updated to the newest Flash version whenever it is released.

adobe flash player 11

Flash 11 Offline Installers

Not every user can install Flash from Adobe’s website, for instance if the computer that Flash needs to be installed on has no direct Internet connection. Some users prefer offline installers as well.

The following links point to the Flash 11 offline installers on the Adobe website. You can download those to install them on one or multiple systems.

Adobe Air users can download and install the latest version from the Adobe website.

Interested users find announcements of the new releases both on the Flash Player Team Blog and the Flash Platform Blog which are both hosted on the Adobe website.

Both announcements link to additional pages that offer details about some of the new technologies included in Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air 3.

You can check which version of Adobe Flash you have installed by visiting Adobe’s About page on their website. (via)

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