Firefox Feature Fix – Add-On to Resolve Browser Issues

This is a neat idea; it sounds like it allows users to undo some of the interface changes that have been implemented in recent versions of Firefox …

If you look at the different versions of Firefox from say Firefox 2 to the very latest versions released recently, you will notice lots of changes. Not only design changes but also changes that removed or replaced specific features of the web browser.

FeatureFix is a Firefox add-on that tries to resolve several issues that Firefox users may experience. When you first install the add-on and look at its options you will notice that the tweaks and fixes are sorted into four different pages there. Each page lists multiple configuration options.

Here is a list of some of the configuration options that FeatureFix provides:

  • Change the default Firefox source code viewer
  • Define where the tab bar close button or buttons are located in the browser (every tab, active tab, on the right of the tab bar, no close buttons at all)
  • Disable url trimming (removal of http://) and url formatting (greying out subdomains and directories).
  • Removal of the go button and bookmark star.
  • Display attributes on mouse over, including Alt, Title, Src, Href, Action, Onsubmit and others.
  • Disable automatic image resizing
  • Display broken image and to-be-loaded image placeholders
  • Disable caching
  • Disable search suggestions

feature fix

The add-on furthermore adds several toolbar buttons to the Customize Toolbar menu. Firefox users can now place View Source and Online/Offline buttons in a toolbar in the browser if they select to do so.

Several of the features that the extension fixes can also be “fixed” directly by editing Firefox preferences. See Firefox: Add HTTP Back To Address Bar for instance for instructions on how to disable the web browser’s url trimming and url formatting.

FeatureFix for Firefox can aid users who do not want to work (or shy away from working) with the about:config dialog. Firefox users can download and install the add-on from the official Mozilla Firefox add-on repository.

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