Get Coupon Code Notifications on Merchant Sites In Firefox

I probably wouldn’t use an add-on like this myself … but I’m sure my wife would.

Coupons are a great way of saving money on the Internet. They obviously work best if you can get a coupon for an online shopping site that you want to make a purchase on (and not the other way round). The Firefox extension CouponsHelper is an unobtrusive add-on that informs you about coupon codes on supported merchant websites. The extension displays a small notification at the top of the browser window that lists coupons for that merchant.

Depending on the merchant website this can be one or multiple coupon codes. The coupons initially do not display the savings or offers. You need to hover the mouse cursor over an icon to see those in a small popup next to the mouse cursor.

firefox coupons helper

A click on a coupon code – after selecting the one offering the best deal – copies it to the clipboard so that it can be pasted into the order form on the target website easily. This is done either by right-clicking the coupon field and selecting paste or by activating the coupon field first and the keyboard shortcut ctrl-v to paste it into.

The Firefox extension Coupons Helper will display coupons as soon as you visit a merchant website by default. It can however be configured to only reveal coupons on a shopping site’s basket page.

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This has both advantages and disadvantages. The core advantage is that you are not distracted by coupon code notifications on a site. This may also prevent you from making impulse buys just because of the coupon. It on the other hand means that you may need to alter the items in your shopping card depending on the coupons on offer to meet the requirements. If you know the requirements before starting to shop on the site you may be able to select the right items right away to speed up the process.

Coupons are currently only supported for shopping sites in the United States and France. Users who shop in those countries regularly can benefit a lot from the CouponsHelper extension. It supports a wide variety of sites, including sites such as Perfumes, Dell, Walmart or FedEx.

You can use the coupon finder directly on the developer site as well in case that you do not want to install the Firefox add-on or use a different web browser.

Update: There is also a Chrome extension available.

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