Opera 11.52 Security Update

If you’re running Opera 11.51, then you probably want to check this out. It doesn’t sound that bad (as far as security problems go,) but it’s still worth addressing.

The Opera desktop team has released an Opera web browser update that resolves two security issue. The update fixes a non-exploitable security issue that “allowed injection of untrusted markup into the X-Frame-Options error page” and a “issue where manipulating fonts in SVG could allow execution of arbitrary code”.

The second o-day security issue has received a critical severance rating as it can be used to crash the web browser and execute arbitrary code on the system.

Users running the latest stable version of the Opera web browser, which is 11.51 at the time of writing, should receive automatic updates right away.

It is alternatively possible to check for updates manually by clicking on Opera > Help > Check for Updates. The new version is also available for download at the official Opera website.

opera update

The new Opera version comes with stability enhancements as well. Opera 11.52 fixes a issue on YouTube where adjusting the volume on playing HTML5 videos could freeze the web browser. It furthermore fixes a issue where BitTorrent downloads would lead to a crash of the web browser.

It is likely that Opera 11.52 is the last 11.xx version of the browser. The development team has recently released Opera 12 alpha which showed improvements all over the board. The new version introduces new technology support. This includes support for WebGL and full hardware acceleration.

Tech enthusiasts interested in this development version of the browser can download it directly from the Opera desktop team blog.

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