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Firefox’s default bookmark manager does leave a bit to be desired … this looks like it would help though.

Web browser bookmarks seem to have lost much of their appeal in past years. The same can be said for bookmarking sites like Delicious which have seen a drop in user count. Question is: What are users doing instead? Are they posting interesting links to their social networking profiles to have them available there? This does not seem overly practical as it may take quite a while to find a link again, especially on a busy page or profile.

Add Bookmark Here is a Firefox add-on that improves the Firefox bookmarking behavior big time. Firefox users who have bookmark folders displayed in the browser, for instance on the bookmark’s toolbar, have now access to a Bookmark Here link in every bookmark folder. This speeds up the bookmarking as they can simply click on the folder and then add bookmark here to add the bookmark to that folder. While it is possible to bookmark via drag and drop, it is not something that most users know about or do.

firefox bookmark here

When you open the options of the add-on you will notice that it offers additional bookmarking related features and options.

add bookmark here

You can modify the position of the add bookmark here and open all in tabs menu items in each bookmark folder (top, bottom, hidden), set the mouse clicking behavior and configure where bookmarks are added to a bookmarks folder (top or bottom).

The remaining menus list additional options. Available here are options to configure left-click, right-click and middle-click behavior when clicking on the bookmark star or a bookmarks folder, and to configure the edit bookmark dialog and bookmark menu.

The program expands the add bookmarks menu automatically so that all entries are accessible directly. This is a big improvement over Firefox’s default bookmark adding menu which displays less information directly when triggered by the user.

Firefox users who work with bookmarks regularly should take a closer look at Add Bookmark Here. The extension adds several features to the bookmarking options of the browser. Especially options to configure mouse clicks can be used to speed up the bookmarking.

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