Fix Windows Display Quality Issues

This is a pretty basic trick, but it can definitely come in very handy …

The display is without doubt one of the most important parts of a computer system. Display related issues, like blurry text, a bad refresh rate or colors that do not really match can impact a user’s work experience on a computer. Imagine having to work ten hours a day on a computer with blurry or difficulty to read fonts, not a nice prospect.

Microsoft Support has released a new Fix-It solution to fix Windows display quality issues. A Fix-It is a small portable program that can resolve common Windows issues automatically. Each Fix-It offers to resolve issues that it finds automatically or give the user the option to select the fixes manually. The second option is usually the recommended one as it gives users more control over the troubleshooting process and repair.

The display quality Fix-It is available as an app that downloads needed files from the Internet and as a portable version.

When you start the program the following screen is presented to you.

windows display quality troubleshooter

I’d recommend to select Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply to avoid additional issues that the troubleshooter may cause. The Windows Display Quality Troubleshooter analyzes the system and displays fixes after the diagnosis has been completed on the next screen.

display quality

Here it is then possible to run some or all of the fixes if the manual option has been selected. It is also possible to display a detailed report that displays all issues that the Display Quality Troubleshooter checks for.

  • Clear Type settings may not be adjusted
  • Display settings are not optimized
  • Calibrate display color settings
  • The video card driver is not Windows Display Driver Model compliant
  • Blurry text or graphics

The troubleshooting tool runs all selected fixes to resolve display quality issues in the Windows operating system. Depending on the issues, wizards may be displayed that walk the user through the configuration or fine tuning of a feature. This is for instance the case if Clear Type settings appear not to be adjusted.

Windows users can download the solve windows display quality issues Fix-It from the Microsoft Support website. (via)

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