The Relay Control Switch – Remote Control for Dry Contact Relays

A Relay Control Switch can provide secure, reliable control of remote relays on high amp devices such as Cisco Catalyst 6500 8700 Watt Power Supplies or industrial HVAC systems. Rather than directly switching a high amp power switch, a Relay Control Switch opens or closes a dry contact relay to switch high amp devices On and Off remotely. A full featured relay control switch can open, close, reboot or default relays on high amp devices, on demand, in response to alarm conditions or according to a user-defined schedule.

In addition to providing remote power switching functions for high amp equipment, a good remote relay switch should also include adequate security and authentication features to protect access to switching functions and ensure that only authorized users are allowed to access the device. Ideally, a relay control switch should support a formidable array of security and authentication features plus HTTPS communication and SSHv2 encryption to protect relay switching commands and configuration functions from unauthorized access. In order to provide compatibility with the security needs of a wide variety of different users, a relay control switch should support several popular authentication protocols, such as LDAP, Kerberos, TACACS+ and RADIUS. It can also be helpful if the relay control switch includes an IP address filter to block access by unfamiliar IPs and some sort of callback security feature to protect access via dial-up communication when a modem is connected to the relay control switch.

In addition to providing on demand switching control for dry contact relays, some high quality relay control switches can also automatically open, close, default or reboot dry contact relays in response to user-configurable temperature alarms, ping response monitors, invalid access alarms and power supply instability alarms. In cases where the relay control switch also includes an additional switched AC outlet, some relay control switch products also include the ability to monitor current and power consumption at the switched AC outlet using true RMS current metering.

In a typical high amp switching application, the relay control switch might be configured to allow remote dry contact relay control via Telnet, SSH, Web or HTTPS, plus out of band control via PSTN or secondary maintenance network, ensuring access to critical relay switching functions even if your main network is not available. Relay control switches are often found in both network applications as well as industrial applications; in fact, a relay control switch is useful in any situation that requires remote switching of high amp equipment, or just about any device that permits power On/Off control via dry contact relay.

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