White Noise for Chrome

This is kind of an interesting idea … but I think the white noise would be more likely to put me to sleep instead of helping me to concentrate.

Depending on your work environment you sometimes may get distracted or interrupted by noise. In my particular situation for instance, I tend to get distracted by dog walkers or service carts outside of my apartment. Others may be distracted by co-workers chatting on the phone, a refrigerator, television or anything else that is distracting them from work. Heck, even a computer that is to loud can be very distracting during work.

White Noise can help improve concentration by covering up distracting noise. You basically play white noise in the background when you are working to get rid of distracting sounds in the surrounding.

Studies have shown that white noise can be effectively used to mask office noise.

The Google Chrome extension White Noise adds a white noise player to the web browser. The extension adds a single button to the Chrome browser interface. When you click on it you see the interface of the extension pop up.

white noise chrome

Here you can turn on the white noise. When you do the sound starts playing immediately. White noise continues to play for as long as the browser window is open and the sound is not turned off again.

Some users may want to use the volume slider to change the level of volume. The default volume was for instance to loud for my liking, I had to turn it down to reach a level of comfort.

The automatically start when the computer turns on option is a bit misleading. This basically turns on white noise whenever you start the Chrome browser. The setting has probably been designed for Chromebooks where the web app could indeed be turned on when the computer starts.

Google Chrome users can install White Noise from the Chrome Web Store.

How do you cope with distracting noise when working on a computer?

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