A High Quality Warranty Usually Means a High Quality Product

When shopping for a remote control power switch, it’s often difficult to tell which product offers the highest quality. Sure, all manufacturers will promise that their remote control power switch is the best, but how can you tell if any given product will really live up to promises made by sales staff who are anxious to close a deal? It’s easy to see if the remote control power switch includes the features that you need for your remote reboot application, but how can you tell if the product will be reliable and offer years of problem-free service?

One fairly reliable way to judge the quality of a remote control power switch, is to look at the warranty that the manufacturer offers. If the manufacturer knows that their product was manufactured by an unskilled, overseas workforce using the cheapest components available, then they know that it won’t be profitable to the company to offer a lengthy, comprehensive warranty. Likewise, if the manufacturer knows from experience that their product has a history of early failures and service issues, then that manufacturer probably isn’t going to offer very much of a warranty either.

On the other hand though, if the manufacturer is confident that their remote control power switch is well designed, well built and will last for years, then that manufacturer will also have sufficient confidence in their product to offer a lengthy, comprehensive warranty. In some ways a warranty is a bit of a gamble on a manufacturer’s part; if a manufacturer offers a great warranty on a lousy product, then they’ll probably lose money on that product warranty over time. But if the manufacturer has made certain that their product is of the highest quality and will provide years of trouble-free service, then it’s a much safer bet for that manufacturer to offer a better warranty.

Ideally, a remote control power switch should include a warranty that offers at least five years of coverage, plus coverage for parts and labor, plus reliable, effective technical support and replacement units to keep you up and running if you need to return your remote control power switch for repair. Other helpful factors to look for in a warranty include free firmware updates when improved program functionality is available, and fast delivery in the event that a replacement unit is needed.

The whole purpose of a remote control power switch is to provide reliable remote reboot and power switching capabilities when equipment problems at remote sites interfere with network communication. Remote reboot and power switching are both extremely important functions that can help network administrators to minimize network downtime and cut service call costs. But if you assign that important function to a low-quality remote control power switch, whose manufacturer only had enough confidence in their product to provide a weak two-year warranty, then the chances are that when you really need that remote control power switch, it might fail at the worst possible time. It’s much easier to be confident in a remote control power switch if the manufacturer is also confident in their product, and shows that confidence by covering the remote control power switch with a lengthy, comprehensive warranty.

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