Automate Firefox Downloads with Automatic Save Folder

If you spend a lot of time downloading music files and other stuff like that, this Firefox extension sounds like it could come in very handy.

While it is possible to configure the Firefox browser to download files automatically into one download folder on the system, it is not possible to customize this automated process further. Many users do not want all their downloads stored together in one folder, as they prefer different storage locations for downloads. This is for instance useful to sort files automatically in the right locations on the system to improve accessibility.

One of the first extensions to offer custom download locations for file types was Download Sort. The extension is actually still available at the Mozilla Add-on repository despite the fact that it has not been updated since 2008.

Automatic Save Folder is the big brother of Download Sort. It offers everything the add-on offeres plus additional features not offered by the original extension.

One of the core improvements is that it is not only possible to filter downloads by file types, but also by domain name. There is even an option to combine the two. If you are downloading images or videos regularly from multiple hosts, you could configure the extension to save some in their own folder on the system, and others together in a single folder.

automatic save folder

A fallback option for files not matching any filters can be configured as well. The extension ships with a filter for jpg images. New download filters can be configured in the extension’s options. Filters can be configured using full file names, wildcards or regular expressions. The order of filters can be configured here as well.

download filters

Another interesting option is the ability to enable dynamic folders. These are created on the fly with the help of tags that can add date or other information to the folder dynamically. Dynamic folders need to be enabled first before they can be used in download paths.

Automatic Save Folder is a useful extension for users who want to order their Firefox downloads right away. Especially the ability to combine domain and file filters with dynamic download folders is a strong selling point of the extension.

Firefox users can download and install the add-on from the official Firefox add-on repository.

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