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Here are two different Firefox add-ons that will count open tabs …

It is sometimes the little things that can make a big difference in day to day activities on a computer. The open tabs count of Firefox has gone up significantly on my computer system in recent times as I’m currently going through all 20k tags here on Ghacks to consolidate them. Firefox by default only displays a certain number of tabs in the visible area of the interface. The remaining tabs are hidden by default and can be displayed with the help of the back and forward buttons in the tab bar of the browser.

One of the things that I find handy to have as a consequence is the number of all open tabs in a particular window of Firefox.

No modern web browser, as far as I know, displays the open tab count in the interface if the number of open tabs exceeds the visible space of the tab bar.

firefox tab count

One of the great things of the Firefox browser is that if you are missing a feature, it is likely that someone else has already created an add-on for it.

The above screenshot shows two different tab counting add-ons at work.

Open Tab Count displays the number of open tabs of the active Firefox window and the number of total tabs that are open in all windows in the Firefox status bar. The add-on has not been updated since 2009 but it still works perfectly under the latest versions of the browser.

Tab Counter on the other hand displays the tab count at the end of the tab bar. It only displays the count of the active window and not the total count like Open Tab Count does.

It does however come with options to change the displays’ appearance in the browser. This includes changing the font, color or size of the displayed number.

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