Open, Close, Reboot and Default Remote Relays … Without Leaving Your Desk

There are plenty of remote power control solutions on the market that can monitor and control power switching for 120 and 240 VAC applications, but what if you need to employ these same remote control and monitoring functions to open or close a relay on a high amp device? WTI’s CCM Series remote relay controllers are the ideal solution for secure, reliable, remote switching of relays on high amp devices such as Cisco’s 8700 Watt Power Supplies.

The CCM is ideal an ideal controller for 8700 Watt power supplies, and enables administrators to open, close, reboot or default relays on remote high amp devices. The CCM 8700W Relay Controller can switch relays on remote devices either on demand, according to user-defined schedule, or in response to user-defined alarm functions. CCM remote relay controllers feature four switched relays, plus a switched IEC C13 outlet which also includes current metering capabilities.

The CCM Remote Relay Controller supports a formidable array of security and authentication features plus HTTPS communication and SSHv2 encryption to protect relay switching commands and configuration functions from unauthorized access. In order to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of users, the CCM supports popular authentication protocols such as LDAP, Kerberos, TACACS+ and RADIUS. In addition, the CCM Remote 8700W Relay Controller also includes an IP Address filter that can be used to completely block access by unfamiliar IPs, plus a unique callback security feature which essentially serves as kind of a low-tech-yet-effective authentication method for dial-up communication.

In a typical relay switching application, the CCM can be configured to provide remote dry-contact relay control via Telnet, SSH, Web or HTTPS, plus out of band relay control via PSTN or a secondary maintenance network. This ensures that access to critical 8700W relay control is always available, even when communication via normal network connection is not possible. These features work together to provide an ideal solution for any application that requires the control of power switching relays on high-amp 8700 Watt Power Supplies for a Cisco Catalyst 6500.

As mentioned above, the CCM can also automatically open, close, reboot or default remote relays in response to user defined monitoring and alarm functions. This means that when the CCM detects high temperatures, unresponsive network elements, excessive invalid access attempts or other important factors and events, the unit can perform switching, reboot and default functions to reboot 8700W power supplies, switch on cooling equipment or switch other relays in addition to providing notification via email, SNMP Trap or SYSLOG Message.

In addition to network-related relay control applications, CCM 8700W Relay Controllers are also ideal for controlling relays on other pieces of high amp industrial and manufacturing equipment, such as industrial HVAC systems and just about any device that permits power On/Off control via dry contact relay.

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