Change the Color of the Firefox Scrollbar

Just in case you’re unhappy with the color of the Firefox scroll bar, and you have some extra time on your hands …

The Firefox web browser displays a vertical or horizontal scrollbar at the right and lower edge of the browser whenever the page contents cannot be displayed all at once in the browser window. And while it is clearly visible on most web pages, users may encounter pages where the scrollbar is barely distinguishable from the page contents.

Firefox users who have installed a new theme in the browser may also notice that the initial scrollbar design might not be that fitting for the selected theme.

The New Scrollbars add-on for the Firefox web browser offers to replace the default scrollbar with another one. It ships with a total of seven scrollbar colors that are made available for themes with light and dark backgrounds, bringing the overall total of available custom scrollbars to 14.

Firefox users will notice the new scrollbar color immediately after installation of the add-on and restart of the browser. All selectable scrollbars offer a better contrast than the original Firefox scrollbar.

firefox scrollbar colors

The scrollbar design has been changed as well, rounded corners are now displayed at the top and bottom of the scrollbar to visualize the beginning and end of it.

Keep in mind that you may need to reload pages after installation or selection of a different scrollbar color scheme. Open the options of the New Scrollbar add-on to change the scrollbar and background color.

new scrollbar firefox

The easiest way to get there is to enter about:addons in the address bar which opens the list of installed add-ons. Click on the options button next to the New Scrollbar add-on to open the extension’s configuration menu.

A light (v1) and dark (v2) background is available for every selectable scrollbar color. You can furthermore use the settings to change the width of the scrollbars in Firefox from 13 pixels to 17. For that you need to select the Off option first. This displays both widths as tabs.

Firefox users who want to change the default browser scrollbar will find the NewScrollbar add-on ideal for that purpose. The add-on can be downloaded from the official Mozilla Firefox add-on repository.

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