Fast, Secure Remote Reboot Capabilities for Cisco 8700 Watt Power Supplies

When a server or router locks up or refuses to cooperate, often a simple power reboot provides the best way to restore communication with the unresponsive device.

It’s pretty easy to reboot a malfunctioning network device if the device is located in a nearby equipment rack, but if an unresponsive router or server is located miles away in a remote network equipment rack or off-site data center, even a simple power reboot can sometimes be a challenge … especially if you’re being hounded by anxious network users who don’t have time to wait for vital network services to be restored while your service team is en route to the site.

In order to reduce the time required to correct network equipment malfunctions, many network administrators have come to rely on the power control and reboot capabilities provided by a remote reboot unit. Although it’s pretty easy to find a remote reboot unit that will handle relatively low watt, AC powered network elements, up until recently it could often be a bit of a challenge to find a remote reboot unit that was compatible for use with high watt, network devices, or devices that are designed to be rebooted by opening and closing a dry contact relay.

WTI’s new CCM Series Remote Relay Control units are specifically designed to provide a secure, effective means to reboot remote high watt network elements such as Cisco 8700 Watt Power Supplies. When a power supply at a faraway site crashes and takes down network communication, administrators and support personnel can quickly contact the CCM unit via secondary network or dial-up connection, and initiate a reboot cycle using the CCM to open and close the power supply’s dry contact relays; quickly restoring communication with the remote site … without the need to actually travel to the site to initiate a reboot cycle in person.

ccm remote relay control unit

The CCM was designed and created in cooperation with Cisco to provide a dedicated, EnergyWise compatible solution for remotely switching Cisco’s 8700 Watt Power Supplies, providing remote reboot capabilities for Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series switches. The base model CCM-1422 Remote Relay Control unit provides remote reboot control via dry contact relay for up to four individual power supplies plus one switched, metered AC outlet. Reboot, power switching and unit configuration functions can be controlled using simple ASCII commands or a convenient web interface. The CCM also supports SNMP based control and configuration to provide compatibility with applications where reboot functions are controlled in response to commands issued by a third party program or device.

Access to sensitive command and configuration capabilities is protected by a formidable array of security and authentication features. In addition to basic password security, the CCM also supports remote authentication protocols such as LDAP, Kerberos, TACACS+ and RADIUS, plus other powerful security features such as secure web control via SSL, SSHv2 encryption, IP address filtering, an invalid access lockout alarm, callback security for dial-up access and a multi-level user directory that simplifies the process of managing user accounts and granting access rights to up to 128 individual users.

In addition to providing remote reboot and relay switching control, the CCM also includes features that help administrators to keep better track of conditions and events at remote network equipment sites. The CCM includes a versatile collection of environmental and event alarms and monitoring functions, including a convenient temperature alarm feature that notifies operators when rack temperatures exceed user-defined critical temperature levels and a versatile log function that can create a record of all user activity, environmental conditions and other events at the CCM Remote Relay Controller.

Cisco is world renown for designing and manufacturing the most innovative and reliable products available to the network industry. But as any experienced network professional can tell you, even the best network products will inevitably crash sometimes. When a Cisco 6500 switch at a remote network equipment rack suddenly locks up and fails to respond, don’t leave your users howling for service while your tech support team takes off on a long service trip to the remote site; WTI’s CCM Series Remote Relay Control units can provide instant, secure access to reboot functions on Cisco 8700 Watt Power Supplies at remote network equipment installations … without the long wait while support personnel travel to the remote site.

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