The Best Firefox Add-Ons of 2011

Here’s a nice round-up of some of the more interesting Firefox add-ons from 2011 …

We have almost hit the one post per day mark in 2011, with 352 posts published that covered the Firefox browser in one way or another. Not all of the posts were add-on reviews though as we have covered Firefox news, updates, and cross-browser related news as well here on

What better way to start the New Year with a look back at some of the best Firefox add-ons that we have reviewed here in 2011. Please note that this list may include add-ons that have been around for a longer time. The only qualifying factor is whether they have been reviewed on Ghacks in 2011 or not.

Each add-on is listed with its name, a short description, link to the review and direct link to the Mozilla Add-ons repository.

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The Best Firefox Add-Ons Of 2011

Add Bookmark Here – Better Firefox bookmarking. [link]

Add-on Compatibility Reporter – Force Firefox add-on compatibility. [link]

Boounce – An extension that can be used to switch between search engines in the browser.[link]

Clearly – A readability extension for the Firefox browser. [link]

Dormancy – Unload Firefox tabs that are not used for a set amount of time. [link]

Firefox Image Preview – Display larger image previews on mouse over. [link]

Gui Config Access about:config preferences in a better interface. [link]

History Disable Button – Disable the recording of history in the browser selectively. [link]

HTTPS Everywhere – Force HTTPS connections for select sites that support it to increase browser security. [link]

Multi Links – Open multiple links at once based on your own preferences. [link]

Preferences Cleaner – Delete preferences from uninstalled add-ons to speed up the browser start. [link]

Save File To – Allows you to save files to user-defined folders based on file type. [link]

Scriptish – A Greasemonkey fork, promises better performance. [link]

Session Manager – Save and load Firefox sessions manually or automatically. [link]

What’s That Preference – Links Firefox preferences in the about:config listing to MozillaZine Knowledge Base article. [link]

Is anything missing on that list? Let us know in the comments.

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