Discover and Fix Unresponsive Network Elements Before Your Users Start to Complain

It isn’t always easy to know when a critical network element at a remote equipment site has malfunctioned or crashed. When a router or switch in a distant network equipment rack locks up and refuses to respond, a good IT administrator shouldn’t just wait until a user complains before taking action; an effective IT administrator should be able to detect equipment problems and deal with unresponsive devices before they cause problems for network users.

But how can an IT administrator discover unresponsive devices at remote, inaccessible network equipment racks? It’s obviously impractical to constantly visit the rack to check on conditions, and it’s even more impractical to maintain a constant human presence at the remote site, just to watch for minor malfunctions. Of course, an enterprise management suite or third party SNMP manager can help administrators to be kept informed about equipment problems in large, corporate network applications, but what if your network application isn’t large enough to justify the investment required to set up an effective enterprise management solution?

WTI’s RSM-8R8 Power + Console Hybrid provides an ideal solution for IT administrators who need to manage critical network elements located at branch offices, kiosks, offsite data centers and other small network equipment installations. The RSM-8R8 provides administrators with a powerful array of vital tools for remote network management in a convenient one rack unit device that allows a comprehensive network management solution without the expense or hassles of a large enterprise management suite. In addition to remote power reboot control and console port access functions, the RSM-8R8 also offers an assortment of powerful monitoring and alarm features, a power-redundancy solution for single inlet network devices, and an internal modem with a lost dial-tone alarm for reliable, dial-up, out of band communication.

RSM-8R8 Power + Console Hybrid with Ping Watchdog

The RSM-8R8 Power + Console Hybrid helps administrators to be kept better informed regarding conditions and events at remote equipment installations. Alarm and notification features enable the RSM-8R8 to constantly monitor the remote equipment rack and instantly notify administrators and tech support personnel when high temperatures, power supply problems, open circuit breakers, communication problems and other potentially harmful factors are detected at remote sites.

The RSM-8R8 also includes a powerful ping watchdog feature that enables administrators to take a more proactive approach to network management, by providing immediate notification when critical network elements at remote equipment sites lock up and refuse to communicate. The ping watchdog (or ping response monitor) can regularly ping vital network devices at user-specified IP address, constantly checking for a valid response to the ping command.

When the ping watchdog determines that a server, router or other device at the remote site has ceased responding to ping queries, the RSM-8R8 can promptly notify administrators via email, SNMP trap or SYSLOG message. Once an unresponsive network element is detected, administrators and support personnel can then employ the RSM-8R8’s remote console access capabilities to communicate with problematic devices in order to run troubleshooting routines or tweak configuration parameters. This allows issues with unresponsive devices to be resolved before service interruptions inconvenience network users.

In other cases, the ping watchdog feature can also be configured to automatically reboot devices that fail to respond to ping commands. Although this capability might not be desirable when dealing with servers and other elements that shouldn’t be rebooted without warning, the automatic reboot feature can prove incredibly useful for minimizing downtime for devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, web cams and other network elements that can generally be rebooted without first investigating the cause of the problem.

Although the RSM-8R8 Power + Console Hybrid is often chosen as an economical alternative to an enterprise management solution, the RSM-8R8 is also well suited for integration into third party SNMP management systems. The RSM-8R8 supports both SNMP traps for alarm and status reports, plus compatibility with MIB files to provide configuration and control via SNMP.

If you’re faced with the challenge of managing remote network elements at branch offices, kiosks and other small offsite installations, the RSM-8R8 Power + Console Hybrid can offer an economical alternative to an expensive enterprise management suite. The RSM-8R8’s ping watchdog feature allows prompt response when devices at remote equipment sites lock up or crash and helps to keep administrative and support personnel better informed when vital network elements cease to respond. The RSM-8R8 provides reliable remote reboot and power control, secure access to remote console port command functions, effective power fallback for single inlet devices and an impressive array of monitoring and alarm functions, all in one affordable, compact 1U package that easily integrates into your existing network management applications.

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