Opera Mobile 12 and Mini Next Relased

Mobile device users should probably find this one interesting …

Norwegian based Opera Software has just released Opera Mobile 12 and Opera Mini Next. Unlike on the desktop, where the Opera browser does not get much traction, it is Opera who is the leading browser on mobile devices.

Opera maintains two different mobile browser versions. Opera Mobile, which has just been released in version 12, is a full web browser that is installed locally on the phone. Opera Mini sports all the features of Opera Mobile, with the main difference that the rendering engine is not installed locally, but on Opera servers.

Opera Mobile 12 for Android and Symbian has already been released. The new version is available on Google’s Android market, and on the Opera Mobile website.

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Both versions of Opera Mobile 12 include new features, of which most are directed towards better HTML5 compatibility:

  • Ragnarok, our HTML5 parser, for better web apps and increased compatibility with websites.
  • ECMAScript 5.1 for those who are too damn groovy for JavaScript.
  • Orientation Support
  • For Android only, support for camera use in the browser using the same, newer, getUserMedia syntax as Opera desktop Labs.
  • CSS3 radial gradients and the fabled -o-double-rainbow.
  • CORS (cross-origin resource sharing).
  • For Android only, hardware-accelerated WebGL for all things 3D and web. With WebGL on mobile, it’ll be even easier to make games cross platform and distribute.

A set of demos, called Shiny Demos, has been released by Opera to demonstrate the browser’s feature set. Opera Software furthermore noted that the Opera Mobile Emulator, a web based emulator for the browser, will be updated in the next weeks to reflect the changes in Opera Mobile 12.

Opera software has released Opera Mini 7 for Apple iOS devices. The new version is available in Apple’s Appstore. Opera Mini is now also available in a Next version, a preview version of the mobile browser. Opera users on Android, Blackberry and S60, or on devices supporting Java, can point their smartphones to m.opera.com/next to install Opera Mini Next on their device.

You can read the full announcement about the new versions on the Opera website.

Which mobile browser are you using on your phone?

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