YouTube Center Adds All the Missing Features to YouTube

I’m not sure how well this will work after YouTube’s upcoming site redesign, but the “Download” feature looks particularly interesting …

There are quite a few things that you cannot do on YouTube due to lack of controls. It is for instance not possible to repeat videos automatically or stop videos from automatically playing if you load it on the video hosting site. Most of the annoyances and missing features on YouTube become available through add-ons or userscripts that you can install in the web browser. Some target a specific feature like the ability to download videos from YouTube, others add a bunch of features to the site.

YouTube Center is one of those scripts that add a lot of features to YouTube. It does that in a way that is not overloading the site or changing it significantly.

Google Chrome users can install the userscript right away, while Firefox users need to have the Greasemonkey or Scriptish add-ons installed before they can do the same. There is no mentioning of support for other browsers.

Once you have installed the userscript in your browser, you will notice a new small toolbar attached to the bottom of videos on YouTube.

youtube center

The three buttons Settings, Repeat and Download are displayed by default. A click on Settings opens the configuration menu where you can make the following changes:

  • Enable Auto Resolution – Select a preferred video resolution that videos will be played in if available.
  • Enable Download button – Options to set a preferred download quality and format. The down arrow next to the download button lists all available qualities for download.
  • Enable Repeat button – Displays the repeat button to automatically repeat videos for as long as you stay on the page. Repeat can be automatically activated in the settings.
  • Enable Shortcuts on Page – Enable shortcuts on all of the page, including abilities to go to a specific video position with the 0-9 keys, space to pause the video or left and right arrow to go back and forward ten seconds.
  • Prevent Auto-Play and Auto-Buffering – Stops videos before they start to buffer or play automatically.
  • Download mp3 – Option to download the audio of videos to the mp3 format.

YouTube Center is a useful userscript for YouTube regularly who wish they had more control on the site.

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