4 Options to Bypass the NYTimes.com 20 Article Limit

Here are four different simple tricks to get around the New York Times website’s 20 article per month limit …

Did you know that you can only read 20 articles on the New York Times website before you are asked to subscribe to continue reading articles on the newspaper site? A warning is displayed at the bottom of the screen once you are near your monthly limit on the site, with links pointing to the subscription page that lists the available options.

Once you reach the 20 article limit, future articles that you open in that month are automatically limited to two paragraphs followed by a link to the subscriptions page (To see the full article, subscribe here), or an image asking you to log in or subscribe.

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The protection is surprisingly weak, and computer users have multiple options to bypass it almost effortlessly.

1. Modifying the web address

This is one of the easiest options available. All you need to do is to cut off everything after .html in the url. Hit enter afterwards to reload the page. You will then notice that the article loads in full. It is necessary to repeat the steps for every article that you are reading on the site.

2. Open the website in Incognito / Private Browsing Mode

If you do not want to edit urls you can simply open the article in your browser’s private browsing mode for the same effect.

In Chrome, press Ctrl-Shift-N to open a new Incognito window, copy the url and paste it into the new window. You can automate the switching with the Incognito Tab Switch extension.

Firefox users press Ctrl-Shift-P to start the browser’s private browsing mode. The Open in Private Browsing Mode extension can open the site in the mode automatically.

Opera users need to right-click on the tabbar and select New Private Tab. They then need to copy and paste the url into the new tab.

Internet Explorer users finally use the same shortcut that Firefox users use (Ctrl-Shift-P).

3. NYClean Bookmarklet

You need to drag and drop the NYClean bookmarklet to your bookmark’s bar. A click on the bookmarklet reloads the limited article on the New York Times website and replaces it with the full version.

4. Use Search Engines

Web users who are referred to the nytimes.com website by search engines and some high profile sites are seeing the full version of the article, regardless of their article access count that month.

All it usually takes is to search for the Times article in a search engine like Google, and click through to the article again.

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