A Reliable Power Redundancy Solution for Single Inlet Security Devices

In this security conscious age that we live in, webcams, motion detectors and badge scanners have become increasingly common elements in most businesses and public facilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re checking ID cards, observing activity in a lobby or community space, or monitoring a building during off-hours for suspicious activity; most mission critical security applications rely on the sort of constant vigilance that can only be supplied by a monitoring device, ID scanner or electronic sensor.

Electronic monitoring devices can provide an ideal means to keep an eye on secure facilities and sensitive equipment without the need for a constant human presence. An intelligently planned electronic security system can monitor badge-in/badge-out activity, detect movement in buildings during non-work hours, generate alarms when doors are opened in secure areas and keep watch over huge buildings without the need for regular patrols by ever-present security personnel.

But as useful as these devices are, it’s important to remember that many electronic sensors and monitoring devices do not include power fallback capabilities, and as such, they can often be rendered useless by a simple power interruption. This means that even if your security solution includes the most advanced equipment available, without a reliable power fallback solution, your building can still be left unprotected during a power outage or blackout … or when external power to the security system has been purposely defeated.

PTS - Power Redundancy for Single Inlet Security Devices

If your security system or access control application lacks an effective power redundancy solution, WTI’s PTS Automatic Transfer Switch units can provide fast, reliable power fallback capabilities, without the need to replace existing single power inlet devices with new, dual-inlet devices. PTS Automatic Transfer Switches can help to minimize or eliminate downtime for your security system, by ensuring that even when your main power source is not available, the security system can automatically switched over to a back-up power source almost instantaneously.

Installation of the PTS Automatic Transfer Switch is incredibly simple. No switch configuration is required; just connect the PTS to your primary and secondary power supplies and then connect your single inlet security devices to the PTS’s outlets and you’re ready to go.

Once installed, the PTS will continuously monitor the power source, checking for instability or other trouble signs. If power to the PTS unit is interrupted, the PTS can quickly switch to the back-up power supply, providing nearly seamless power switching with switchover times as brief as eight to twelve microseconds; fast enough that the switchover is generally undetectable by most devices. Later, if the PTS determines that the primary power supply has been restored or stabilized, the PTS can also automatically switch from the secondary power supply back to the primary power supply.

The PTS features robust, out-of-phase switching capability, LED indicators that light to show the active power supply and cable clips to secure the power supply cables to the PTS unit. PTS Automatic Transfer Switches are available in a number of different configurations, including both 120 and 240 VAC versions, high amp and low amp versions, four outlet and eight outlet models and both a standard 19 inch rack mountable version and a convenient, compact model that mounts easily to a wall or desktop.

If your security system or access control application includes single-power-inlet web cams, badge readers or other devices, then all it takes is a simple power outage to disable those devices, often when they’re needed the most. A PTS Series Automatic Transfer Switch can provide the perfect power redundancy solution for security applications that include single power inlet devices, without the need to replace your existing single-inlet devices with new dual inlet devices. The PTS improves the performance of your security and access control equipment by helping to minimize system downtime and ensuring that your web cams, badge readers, alarm boxes and other security devices are always on duty and ready to use … even when your primary power supply decides to take the afternoon off.

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