Clear Cache, Cookies for Specific Domain in Internet Explorer 9

It looks like Microsoft is finally making a serious effort to modernize IE and keep it competitive with the other browsers …

Internet Explorer 9 is Microsoft’s attempt to get the web browser back on track in the browser game. After losing market share in the past year, and seeing browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome take that market share, its release marks the beginning of a shift in development towards a competitive browser. And while it may not be there yet all things considered, it is a miles away from Internet Explorer 6, 7 or even 8.

One interesting feature is the ability to clear cookies and the browsing cache for a specific domain that you have visited. While that’s not a feature that is exclusive to Internet Explorer (this Firefox add-on offers the functionality as well), it has been integrated natively into Microsoft’s browser.

The feature can be for instance interesting if you do not want to open a private browsing mode window to load a site, if you are already on a site that you want erased from history, or if you are a web developer and running tests currently.

Clearing Cookies, Cache Individually

This method works when you are still on the site that you want to erase from your web browsing history. Switch to the website that you want to erase from your history, and press the F12 key on the keyboard to display the Web Development interface in the browser.

Tip: You can hide the interface again with another tap on the F12 key.

internet explorer 9 delete cache cookies

Click on the Cache menu link in the interface, and locate the following two menu items:

  • Clear browser cache for this domain
  • Clear cookies for domain

The first option remove all cached files related to the domain from the browser cache, the second the cookies for that domain. You can also use the Ctrl-D shortcut to clear the browser cache for that domain. Keep in mind that the shortcut is only working when the web developer interface is open and active.

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