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Here’s an interesting Firefox add-on, that basically appears to make Firefox behave more like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer …

If maxing out the screen estate for websites visited in the Firefox web browser is important to you, you have probably experimented with various interface customizations to find the best possible solution for you personally. From merging toolbars to installing add-ons that merge or modify the browser’s functionality, the Firefox browser has a lot to offer in terms of customizations. In fact, this is one of the things that sets the browser apart from its main competitors Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer, as the latter two are both less flexible when it comes to interface customizations.

Url-addon-bar is a free Firefox add-on that mimics a feature of the Chrome browser. If you have used Chrome with extensions before, you may have noticed that extension icons are either placed on the right of the browser’s address bar, or inside of it. The Firefox add-on basically moves all status bar add-on icons into the browser’s address bar. The idea here is to increase the screen estate available for displaying websites in the browser by moving the status bar icons to the address bar.

firefox add-on icons

The icons are always displayed, which is different from Chrome’s behavior where they are only displayed if functional on the site. The developer of the add-on suggests to remove all icons that do not need to be displayed to reduce the clutter this may cause. This can be done by customizing the toolbar layouts. Select Firefox > Options > Toolbar Layout to enable the customization editor. Here you can drag and drop interface elements around. Just drag the status bar icons that you are not interested in from the status bar.

The icons retain their right-click and left-click functionality, and those that change their design do that as well. The only issue that some others may run into is that the icons disappear when full screen mode (f11) is activated in the browser.

Firefox users who are interested in this add-on can download it from the official Mozilla Firefox add-on repository.

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