Thunderbird 12 Released – Find Out What’s New

Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client has been updated; here are some of the new features provided by version 12.0 …

Mozilla Messaging has just released version 12.0 of the Thunderbird email and messaging client. The program update, available for all supported operating systems and languages, is available both at the official project website over at Mozilla, and through the internal update checker of the messaging client.

Existing Thunderbird users should receive update notifications the next time they start the program on their system. Those who do not want to wait this long, can click on Help > About Thunderbird to run the update check manually. Thunderbird should start to download and install the update then automatically on the system.

Thunderbird 12.0

thunderbird 12.0

Thunderbird 12.0 is a security and maintenance update for the email client. The official release notes mentions several security fixes without going into detail. The security advisories page that the announcement links to has not been updated yet with a list of security vulnerabilities that have been fixed in Thunderbird 12.0. This is likely going to happen soon though. For now, the information are not available.

The only new feature that the developers have added to Thunderbird 12.0 is that global search results in the browser now display message extracts in the results. I personally can’t really see a difference to the way search was handled before in the email client. Maybe someone else who has spotted the difference can point me in the right direction on this one.

Thunderbird 12.0 furthermore includes various improvements to RSS feed subscriptions and general RSS feed handling. This includes a fix that makes sure that feeds are deleted cleanly and completely from the messaging client. Developers can now make use of different mail stores.

A full list of changes can be accessed here. The page lists all changes that have made their way into the Thunderbird 12 email client.

Existing Thunderbird users should check the known issues to make sure that they do not run into issues after the upgrade. Once issue affects users who view RSS feeds in the wide view layout with the Lightning add-on installed. The other that local mail folders and pop3 mail filters may “produce summary files that aren’t correctly read by previous versions of Thunderbird”. The developers recommend to delete the .msf files in the Thunderbird user profile directory before downgrading the client.

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