10 Up and Coming Firefox Add-ons (May 2012)

The “Cinetonic” and “Convert YouTube to MP3” add-ons both sound pretty cool, but I bet that MP3 conversion add-on will make the folks at YouTube nervous …

Add-ons are one of the features that make the Firefox web browser great. Add-on developers update and create add-ons on a regular basis, and it has become quite time consuming to stay in the loop when it comes to new and exciting add-ons for the browser because of this.

In 10 up and coming Firefox add-ons, I’m looking at some interesting add-ons that have made an impact in a particular month. What you will get is a short review of each add-on, with links pointing directly to the add-on’s profile page over at the Mozilla website.

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10 Up and Coming Firefox Add-ons for May 2012

1. YouTube Caption Downloader – YouTube users can make use of video transcripts and captions, which are displayed as subtitles on the video hosting site. When you download videos, you do not download the captions or transcripts as well. If you want to download those as well, you need an extension like YouTube Caption Downloader. The Firefox add-on saves captions in the .srt subtitle format that the majority of media players support.

The extension adds a download option underneath each YouTube video which you can use to download the caption in the selected language to your local system.

youtube caption downloader

2. Cinetonic – This extension adds features to YouTube. You can enable ambient lighting and color schemes, play videos in high definition automatically, enable auto replay of videos, or control the volume with the mouse wheel while a video is playing. What may irritate some users with this extension, is that it only becomes active when you use the button’s search to find YouTube videos. This redirects to the developer website, where all the options become available.


3. Stylish Sync – If you are using the Firefox add-on Stylish, you may have noticed that Firefox Sync, the browser’s built-in synchronization feature is not supporting styles and such. This basically enables the Mozilla Sync engine to synchronize Stylish user styles between computer systems.

4. Open in Chrome – If you have both Firefox and Chrome installed, you sometimes may want to open a web address or link that you see in Firefox in Chrome instead. This can for instance be the case if you do not have Flash installed in Firefox, but want to view a page that is making use of Adobe Flash technologies. With Open in Chrome, you simply send the tab to Chrome to open it in this browser.

5.  Gmelius, Ad remover, Better UI for Gmail – Gmelius makes changes to Google Mail’s web interface. It particularly removes the majority of advertisement on Gmail, and makes changes to more than a dozen interface elements or features.

It can for instance remove the chat, and the status of contacts in chat, remove the people widget and footer, add text to navigation icons, add color to navigation icons, or link the Google logo to the inbox.

6. Image Resizer / Scaler – The extension allows you to resize or scale any image on websites by simply dragging it. You can also maximize it by double-clicking on it, or reset it to its original size by right-clicking on it instead.

7. Shopping Assistant – If you like to shop on the Internet, you may find the Shopping Assistant add-on for Firefox helpful in this regard. When you use it to shop around, it will automatically display similar products on other popular shopping sites, along with the price they are offered on there.

8. Selection SK – This add-on offers to perform various actions on highlighted text on a web page. From searching and copying to translations or sending the selection to mail recipients.

9. Facebook Toolbar Button – This extension adds a toolbar button to Firefox that leads directly to Facebook when you click on it. It is highly popular right now, even though it is pretty basic.

facebook toolbar button

10. Convert YouTube to Mp3 – If you like to download YouTube videos, you sometimes may also like to convert them to mp3 format. You can use this to turn a video into an audio podcast for instance, or to download music from YouTube.

youtube convert to mp3

Closing Words

Have you discovered a new exciting add-on in May 2012 for the Firefox browser? Feel free to share it with everyone by leaving a comment below. Would you like this to become a monthly article? Let me know as well.

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