Rapidgator.net Down? Hosting Dispute Seems to be the Reason

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Times are rough for file hosting sites, with some being shut down by the authorities or in a lengthy legal dispute, while others are ceasing their business operations or changing the way they do business. We have seen all of this began at about the same time the Megaupload incident happened. Megaupload, one of the most popular file sharing sites back then was taken down back then on request of U.S, authorities. The gap was soon filled by other file sharing services, even though only a few saw such a rapid growth in popularity as Rapidgator.net.

The file sharing site went from zero to hero in less than six months time, breaking Alexa’s top 1000, and then the top 300 ranking in that time from its 100,000 starting rank back in January of 2012.


Users who try to open the Rapidgator.net website today are greeted with a page not found, or page not loading message. The site is down for now, and the reason for this is a dispute with the service’s hosting company according to Torrentfreak.

Our hoster have suspended our account. We are working on possible solution,” the company reportedly commented on the downtime.

The good news for users of the service is that the site has not been taken down as part of a legal process. It is however not clear what the dispute is about, and whether it can be resolved quickly or not. It is likely that the site operators are trying to resolve the issue either with the current hosting company, or by finding a new host for their business.

It is not the first time that Rapidgator faced a situation where business was on the brink of being shut down permanently. Back in February the site’s PayPal account was banned, which made the operators think about shutting down the service at that time. The idea fell through and operations continued.

Rapidgator is down for now, and Twitter is already buzzing with news. For now, there is not really much you, or anyone else, can do about it. If the site is taken offline permanently, users would lose all the files that they have hosted at Rapidgator.

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